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OspreyPERCH:  Prevention, Early Intervention & Resiliency through Counseling and Holistic Health, Program Author/Coordinator/Co-Principal Investigator.

Received internal Academic/Student Affairs funding for pilot implementation ($37,000) for 2019/2020 and for the generation of a permanent Clinical Assistant Professorship to support UNF campus wide mental health post pilot beginning in academic year 2020/2021.

Designed and spearheaded the development efforts for OspreyPERCH and encompassing research projects. OspreyPERCH provides community mental health continuum components that both enhance and support UNF’s existing Counseling Center and Student Health Services.

Implemented program components and coordinated team management, and processes surrounding PERCH’s development. As of March 2020, providing clinical supervision to the graduate student interns and coordinating the development of outcomes study while collaborating on other research efforts. Provided all subject matter content for programs policies, procedures, guidelines, and web site content.

Also served in the following collateral roles that intersect with PERCH:

  • Team member of UNF-SOS Committee
  • Developing UNF’s Dedicated Visiting Animal Assisted Intervention Team
  • Proposed UNF Brooks College Scholars with Collars
    Resident “Faculty” Dog Program
  • Lead Spirituality and Health Experiences, Jacksonville Campus Ministry
  • Developed Food as Medicine/Pilgrims Bridge Study Abroad
    Nutrition and Dietetics and Jacksonville Campus Ministry Italy Study Abroad. $25,000 Donor Funded Initiative (Postponed and Funding Continued through June 2021)


Nemours Children’s Specialty Clinic–Co-investigator in this Implementation Science Research Project to Implement AAT in a multi-specialty children’s healthcare system..

  • Donor funded project-$22,000 for year one, with option to continue for 2 years
  • Assist Nemours in the development of an integrated AAT program through their Psychological Services Department
  • Teach AAT-C classes to Nemours in an individualized group setting tailored to meet their needs
  • Monthly research meeting and monthly implementation team meeting
  • Six professional students enrolled in AAT-C classes in 2019-2020
  • Clinical supervision to be provided to the implementers in years 2020-2022
  • Plan to begin pilot services in Fall 2020 following AAT-C Certificate Completion



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The Integration of Spirituality, Creativity, Animals and Nature in Healthcare is my primary area of research interest. As a scholar practitioner, I am particularly curious about authentic application and study in a ‘living laboratory’ setting of real-life practice. The Implementation Science approach to program development and research is best suited for my particular line of inquiry.

According to Peters, Tran and Adam (2013), Implementation Science is promoted by the World Health Organization as a preferred means to expand new evidence-based practices into healthcare and education organizations. These institutions are often slow to integrate new knowledge due to organizational barriers to change. The authors describe the implementation science approach as a framework that utilizes “a wide range of approaches” and works to “align research with need and ensuring quality” (p.10).

In personal application, my approach to Implementation Science values high level collaboration of primary stake holders and community partners. Demonstrated alliance and synergy in community is followed by organizational consulting to implement new programs/practices based on novel and emerging evidence-based interventions blended into existing systems. The initial research product is often a mixed-method program evaluation in order to explore the impact of intervention. It is my passion to use this approach to further the incorporation of the expressive arts, creativity, creative thinking, the human-animal bond through Animal-Assisted Interventions and Nature-based Therapeutics in healthcare and education across disciplines to measure the impact on patient/student outcomes and provider stress.

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Graduate Certificate in Animal Assisted Therapy in Counseling (3 courses)*

HSC 4931 & HSC 6601 Animal Assisted Interventions in Healthcare*

MHS 5493  Expressive Arts & Creativity in Counseling*

MHS 6444 Animal Assisted Therapy: Theory & Practice*

MHS 6510 Group Counseling

MHS 6401 CMHC in Community Settings

MHS 6486 Human Development Across the Life Span