Professor Eli

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Professor Eli

Professor Eli

Professor F. P. Elijah Taylor, Th.D., CGCA, WWD

Professor Eli sitting outdoors

Hi, Everyone,

Professor Eli here! I am so excited to have my webpage! Nailed it! The site spotlights the Brooks College of Health’s Animal-Assisted Interventions in Healthcare programs. I happen to be the ‘spokesdog’ and canine faculty member. YES, you heard me, FACULTY member. The UNF Provost (thanks to my pal associate dean Catherine Christie) gave me my faculty I.D. card. That is because I am not an ordinary dog. Below are a few of my many qualifications, but first, you should know my full legal name. Professor F. P. Elijah Taylor, Th.D., CGCA, WWD

The F.P. stands for Faithful Prophet. For some reason, humans give dogs amazingly long names when registering us with the American Kennel Club (AKC). The letters after are cool, though. Here is what they stand for:

Th.D. — This is an AKC title awarded for being an experienced registered Therapy Dog. To be a Th.D., a dog has to have been registered with a nationally recognized therapy animal organization AND have completed more than 50 hours of volunteer visiting to help people in need. I achieved my Th.D. at the young age of only three.

CGCA — another AKC title that stands for Canine Good Citizen Advanced. For this test, I had to pass an obedience test that showed I was well behaved and responsive to my human partner in various settings out in public. It means I could not make a sound when the stuffed pug was giving me the stink eye (like only pugs can do!), and I could not sniff the and take a detour when we were out for a walk (that was the hardest). The other stuff (sit, stay, down) was a piece of cake! I passed with flying colors the first time. We train a LOT!

WWD — is a super cool title and my personal favorite. It is an AKC Title for Working Water Dog. That is me! I am a Portuguese Water Dog, and this title is only open to my breed. We are an ancient breed. My ancestors worked with the Portuguese fishermen more than 400 years ago, and we did things like take messages between boats (it was before text messages), string nets to catch fish, and get the bait bucket off the BOTTOM of the sea. We also grabbed the gear and rounded up the fishermen when the captain said it was time to go. That is right; the PWD has always been the captain’s first mate. That is how it is with me, but I will introduce you to my human partner in a bit. Back to MY AKC WWD Title — so my human made me a promise. If I worked with her to help humans, she would work with me doing why my instincts still tell me to do, and we did it! We made it to the WWD; I have one more to go and hope to get to go back to training in the water soon. We have been a little bit busy, as you will see from this site.

Anyway, enough about me, welcome to my page, this site, and our remarkable Animal-Assisted Interventions in Healthcare Page, and it features some of my human partner’s work too. We have lots to share. Look around, send me an email if you like, and register for one of my courses! Mom (I mean, Dr. Taylor) and I would LOVE to have you join us if you want to know more about the science and practice of incorporating the human-animal bond into healing. I hope to see you around campus!

Your Pal,
Professor Eli

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Professor Eli with Dr. Taylor

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